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Che cos'è l'acidità dell'Olio di Oliva?

What is the acidity of olive oil?

Aug 12, 2020


Following fermentation processes caused by overripe olives, not very healthy, harvested with systems that have damaged them, perhaps by means of the drop (fall of the olives) and not detached directly from the tree at the right degree of ripeness, roughly worked with little attention to cleaning, the glyceride breaks down and the fatty acid remains free. The high percentage of these free acids determines the acidity.
It is evident that with the increase of the degree of acidity the quality of the oil is damaged. It is also good to know that the acidity itself is not perceptible on the palate and should not be confused with organoleptic phenomena such as sour, tingling, fruity taste, which are characteristic of very fresh, very healthy, high quality and therefore very low acidity oil.

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